Under Body Mounts and Cutouts

What is needed?

Underbody Mounts & Required Cutouts

It is a good time to know start thinking about what you will be mounting under the Coach.

The most common of all underbody installs are water tanks, be it black, gray or potable water. This saves valuable interior space for other items that take up room!

For people who will use appliances that require propane, you can mount a horizontal tank under the Coach to supply the necessary fuel. Another option is additional storage compartments, for putting things like batteries or wet items that do not need constant access to.

Whatever it is, it is time to get on this, install them and, if required, make the cuts in the flooring so you can pass the piping through to the interior of the Coach.

As time passes, we will add photos and links on these pages to give specific examples and ideas on how you can proceed!


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