Extreme Environment LED Lighting


Is a product development company solely focused on the conceptualization, development, and manufacture of extreme environment LED lighting.


Proudly manufacturing in the USA, the Lumitec team possesses a deep understanding of thermal, optical, and electromechanical principles. This allows them to offer exceptional performance, quality and reliability in their LED lighting products we offer to the RV and Sprinter communities and customers we serve.

Interior Cab, Dome & Down Lights


Lumitec’s Interior, Cab and Down LED lights make an impact by raising the bar in quality interior lighting. They are the perfect combination of functionality, durability and style while also incorporating the most advance technology today. This allows them to perform at lower operating temperatures while consuming less power. With thousands of hours of maintenance-free use, Lumitec lights are easy to install, are completely sealed and have no moving parts to break or wear out, making them ideal for RV and Sprinter lighting.


Exterior Driving, Scene & Flood Lights

Lumitec has engineered a series of Driving, Scene & Flood Lights with performance that surpasses all other lights in their class. When conditions are at their worst, Lumitec lights are at their best; performing exceptionally under the harshest conditions. All exterior LED lighting are completely water sealed (IP67 compliant) and constructed with high quality cast metal and aluminum housings and tempered glass; manufactured to withstand the toughest of conditions.


Lumitec’s lighting is loaded with features that include multiple color output options, dimming and flashing modes. Lumitec Driving, Scene & Flood Lights will consistently outperform and outlast the competition.

Lumitec driving lights mount almost anywhere, have an easy two-wire hookup and provide maximum visibility on or off road.

Lumitec now offers an Industry Leading 3 year warranty across the complete line of extreme environment LED products.


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