Ceiling and Upper Cabinetry

Finish Work Begins

Ceiling / Upper Cabinetry / Wall Panels

It is time to close that sucker up but there is a lot to think about before going forward.

First, you need to determine what type and how you will install your cabinetry. Most D-I-Y’s will build wood framed cabinets with furring strips and 3/8 or ½” plywood and then either cover them with a fabric based material and/or a finished wood panel cabinet style facing. Others, with a specific tools and skills will frame out the cabinets in lightweight aluminum and then apply their finished facing on top of this. The advantage to this is weight savings but it does require a welder and a skill set that comes with practice!

Next up, is the finish work on the ceiling and walls.

What is finish work?

Finish work means that means once installed, it is what everyone will see! So what are you thinking? There is a lot of variety that can go into your finish work. Many people will once again wrap 3/8 or ½ plywood with a fabric based material and install that on their walls and ceilings. Others will use a tongue and grooved wooden planks and secure them to the walls and ceilings. Either way, if done properly, you will get a fine looking coach when you are through.

Bottom line, like everything, do what you like, what makes you happy and what is in your budget! Building custom coaches can get expensive quickly!

Don’t forget to test fit all your wall panels before wrapping as well as to cut out all your holes for lighting, ceiling fans etc. It all has to have a smooth clean look!


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