12 Steps

to Successful Upfitting

12 Steps

12 Steps to Successful Upfitting

  1. Roof & Sides – make your holes and seal them up! Add your roof rack, window(s), Maxxair fan(s), a/c and solar. Get those wires for the solar in. If it is going up top or on the sides, get it on and seal ‘em up. Be sure to test everything for leaks before moving on to step two.
  2. Sound Deadening (2-4 go together based on your build). We recommend both Soundstop 45 and Thinsulate (step 4). Install Soundstop 45 all over the sides, ceiling, floor and wheel wells of your van. Also, remove the door panels and install inside of them as well.
  3. Wiring - where will your "power and energy" be located? Get all your wiring to and from this spot to where your appliances, outlets, lighting and switches will all be located. This includes Speaker wire for the Stereo and sub. Make sure to use the appropriate sized wire required based on the energy usage of each specific appliance. We only use and recommend Ancor Marine Grade Wiring. Two final thoughts remember, 1 - if the wire size is not large enough, your appliance will not function correctly (or not at all) and 2 - do not forget to add additional wire for add-ons in the future.
  4. Insulation - after wiring is complete, insulate! Thinsulate is both an excellent sound proofing material and insulator of Sprinter Vans. Use Thinsulate for all cavities of the van then use a non-expanding closed cell spray foam to fill in hard to reach areas.
  5. Ceiling / Upper Cabinetry / Wall Panels - it is time to close that sucker up! Install your upper cabinetry framing, ceiling and walls. Do all your cutouts for your lighting, fan(s), a/c unit, etc.
  6. Under Body Mounts / Required Cutouts – Determine where your black/grey/potable water tanks will go (if under) along with a propane tank if you plan to use gas. Install these items along with the plumbing that will pass through the floor of the coach. Seal around all the openings with a silicone based flexible sealant. Some people prefer to install their floors first, while others have suggested swapping steps 5 + 6. Proceed in the order that is best for you.
  7. Floor / Lower Cabinetry / Interior Plumbing – There are two schools of thought. Do you install your floor in the whole van PRIOR to installing the cabinetry OR do you put in your lower cabinetry first and THEN put your floors in, only where you need it? I prefer the later because if you decide to change the flooring out in the future it is far easier to remove. Along with the flooring, install your interior plumbing, pump, sink drain, interior water tank(s) and other like components.
  8. Power & Energy - get your solar, converters, battery banks etc. dialed in and functioning properly.
  9. Bed/Garage/Cabinet Facing/Mounts - install your bed rails, garage area/cabinet facing (if only framed out earlier). Anything else? Now is the time!
  10. Lighting/Electrical/Sound - get your lights, switches, plugs, receptacles installed and tested. Entertainment, TV, stereo speakers and sub all goes in now.
  11. Appliances – save the big things for last. No need to damage them doing anything else along the way. This includes the fridge, stove, microwave, bed, tables & more.
  12. Finish & Enjoy – All good? Get that baby dialed in and then get out there and enjoy it!!!!

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