Power & Energy


Power & Energy

Victron is the Industry leader in Power & Energy if you plan to live off grid.

There is a LOT that goes into the stage and it is important that you get it done properly. It is the basis of your Coach. You have to determine, purchase and install all the necessary components to produce (and store) your energy while living off grid, in the wilderness.

It starts with the solar that goes up top, inverters, chargers and a whole lot more. While it is not impossible to do yourself, we recommend having a professional do this unless you are ready to spend countless hours researching and learning exactly what it is and how it needs to completed.

Victron makes the most highly regarded products for this. We have an agreement with them and can get you anything you may need, at great pricing, but at the present time we are not currently offering anything specific for sale because we need to grow and learn in this field.

There is a Facebook page called DIY RV SOLAR SYSTEMS


That is an excellent source for the do it yourselfer. They offer a ton of information as well as assistance to those who have questions around the system they are designing. We definitely recommend them if you plan to do it on your own!


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