Floor, Lower Cabinetry and Plumbing

There are two schools of thought.

Floor, Lower Cabinetry and Plumbing

You have completed a lot but there is still more work ahead!

There are two schools of thought. Do you install your floor in the whole van PRIOR to installing the cabinetry OR do you put in your lower cabinetry first and THEN put your floors in, only where you need it? I prefer the later because if you decide to change the flooring out in the future it is far easier to remove. What we do is install a plywood-based subfloor that will go over the entire coach’s floor that we have also insulated. Then in step 7 we install the actual floor only in the areas that will be seen and used (after the base cabinets are in).

Just like Step 5, a large part of this is finish work. If you build your cabinets first and put them in, regardless of before or after the flooring, they are a part of finish work. If all you are doing is framing the cabinetry out and installing just the structure, the finish work would come later.

Install your plumbing, pumps, sink drain, interior water tanks (if not underneath) and any other components like this and then I would recommend installing the actual floor.

Being that there is still work you must complete, get some Ram Board, or any good sort of protection down, so you do not damage the floor while finishing the job.


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