We only use and recommend 3M's SM600L Thinsulate. The industry leader in automotive insulation and acoustic control.

After wiring is complete, Thinsulate! Thinsulate is both an excellent sound proofing material and a great insulator of Sprinter Vans. By applying Thinsulate to all the cavities of the van, you will further reduce road noise and insulate the van from the exterior environment. For those hard to reach areas, you can use a non-expanding closed cell spray foam to fill in the gaps!


What is Thinsulate?

3M™ Thinsulate™ Acoustic Insulation SM600L absorbs sounds to provide superior acoustic control and high R-value insulation in vehicles. It comes in 60" wide rolls with scrim on one side, has no loose fibers, it is nonflammable, does not absorb moisture and does not off gas. It is 1.75" thick (44mm), has an R-value of 5.2, and is an overall fantastic choice for both reducing sound and a high R-value insulation material for your Sprinter. One linear foot is equal to 5 square feet.

Thinsulate is FMVSS 302 certified (federal motor vehicle safety standard)..

Based on the size of your van, we recommend the following quantities:.

  • 144 WB Sprinter, 148 WB Ford Transit with slider window & window in back doors = 50 linear feet
  • Promaster 159 WB = 50 linear feet
  • 170 WB Sprinter = 60 linear feet
  • 170 WB Extended Sprinter = 70 linear feet
  • If you have no windows, it is best to add an additional 10 linear feet to your order.

To apply, use 3M 90 Adhesive Spray to the white fiber side and adhere it to the Van skin.


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