Sound Deadening


Sound Deadening

What is Sound Deadening and how does it work?

The acoustic loss factor "n" is used as a measure of a material's ability to damp structure-borne sound by stating how much vibrational energy (in steel sheets for instance) is converted to heat rather than sound. For constructions containing several layers of damping material, the combined loss factor "n comb" is used. The theoretical maximum loss factor is one (no vibration). An un-dampened 1mm thick steel panel has a loss factor of roughly 0.001 at 200 Hz. Soundstop 45 applied to that panel can increase the loss factor to 0.17 @ +20°C (+68°F). Multiple layers of Soundstop45 can improve sound damping even more.


Soundstop 45

Our heavy-duty, waterproof mastic based rubber tape has so many uses you will want to keep some in your Coach at all times! It is available in a variety of widths from 4” to 18”.

Use Soundstop 45 on the interior walls, floor, ceiling, cab area, inside the doors and over the wheel wells to help reduce the sound entering your Coach. Our sound deadening waterproof mat is a lightweight, high-grade pure aluminum faced constrained-layer vibrational damper. With minimal effort, it will conform to sheet metal and other hard substrates. You can cut it with scissors or a razor knife with easy.

You can also use it as an all-purpose, exposable waterproofing membrane that withstands weather elements and is UV resistant, making it excellent for use around Maxxair Fan installations, Skylights, HVAC units and Solar Wiring Installations.

Remember, being an asphalt based rubber mastic type product makes it quite pliable and the warmer it gets outside, the more “gooey” it becomes. Try to work with it when it is a bit cooler and/or in a shaded area out of direct sunlight (if outside the coach)


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