Jump Upfitters is a division of Jump Auto; a licensed Auto Dealership located in San Diego California. While Jump Auto offers a limited number of customized cars for sale. Our Upfitting team consists of Sprinter owners, all with multiple years’ experience in repair, design and build-outs. Together, we decided to begin acquiring wholesale & resale agreements with some of the largest manufacturers of Sprinter related parts and accessories in the United States of America. By cutting out the middleman, we are passing the savings on to both the Do-It-Yourselfer as well as our Upfitting clients. Our guarantee is to save you money!

Please contact us to discuss your vehicle’s needs, and the services you are looking to have performed. We will set an appointment and together, you and our qualified group of hard working individuals can design and build out your Sprinter to your customized specifications. We also offer in home consultations to San Diego County residents.

If you are coming in from out of state to have Upfitting services performed, remember that while in San Diego you must take time to enjoy all that our city has to offer. From Ocean front towns like Pacific Beach and La Jolla, to the mountains just a short drive to the east and everything in between. San Diego has rightfully earned its moniker as “America’s Finest City”. ”


Upfitting Products

Maxxair, Thinsulate, Lumitec, Isotherm, Soundstop 45, Ancor Wire, CRLawrence, Victron Energy, and much more!


How to upfitting

Roof and Sides, Sound Deadening, Wiring, Insulation, Power & Energy, Appliances, and much more!


Upfitting in action

What do you want to do? Chill and grill at the beaach? Camping? Road trips?


Roof and Sides

Make your holes and seal them up! Add your roof rack, window(s), fan(s), a/c and solar. Learn More


Sound Deadening

If you use a product like dynamat install it now, then go to step 3, then step 4, if you only do Thinsulate Learn More



where will your "energy area" be located? get all your wiring to/from this spot to where your... Learn More

THE 12

If you are just starting out, we suggest that you read, read and then read some more. This will help you determine the type, style and layout of your future traveling home on wheels. Click the side links, where we explain the “12 Steps to Success”.


These 12 Steps to Success will help you decide what you can complete yourself and what you may feel is best to leave to the pros. We discuss what to do and in what order, how to do it and what we recommend as the best products for the job.



after wiring is completed, insulate! insulate! insulate! insulate! insulate! Learn More


Ceiling / Upper Cabinetry

Install your upper cabinet framing as well as the ceiling, making sure to do all your cutouts for your Learn More


Under body Mounts / Cutouts

Figure out where your black/grey/potable water tanks will go and get your items installed with... Learn More


Floor / Lower Cabinetry

Do you install floor in the whole van PRIOR to installing your cabinetry OR... Learn More


Energy Components

Get your solar, converters, battery banks dialed in and installed... Learn More



Install your bed rails, garage area/cabinet facing (if only framed out earlier)...Learn More


There are also many online resources available; we highly recommend that you join Sprinters Unlimited a Facebook page devoted to the Sprinter Enthusiast, they are a fantastic resource for a lot of great information. Visit Sprinter Build


Another is Sprinter Source, an online tech forum, Sprint Source. Then after you have determined what you will do yourself, search You Tube where you will find many valuable installation videos/techniques to assist you.



Get your lights, switches, plugs, etc. all dialed in.... Learn More



Get all the big things that take up space, fridge, stove, micro, etc. etc. Learn More


Finish & Enjoy

Dial everything in and then get out there and enjoy that baby!!!! Our first trip will probably be up to Yellowstone. Learn More

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